VIDEO: Morning Show Teaser For The "Attack On Titan" Collaboration Ad

The full length teaser segment from the morning show is posted!

We previously posted the image from the teaser that ran in a Japanese morning show to show a snippet of a new collaboration commercial for the Attack On Titan live action film and Subaru Motors to heighten excitement and leave readers wanting more. Behold, the full segment introducing the film collaboration ad teaser from the morning show is now available so we can watch the Titan in action!





You can see the creepy Titan from the image we posted earlier was actually a female model! The short segment in Japanese morning show ZIP! shows the behind-the-scenes footage of the collaboration TV commercial between the live-action Attack On Titan film and Subaru for the Forester SUV. For those who were wondering, no modern vehicle will be in the film itself, it was just a car commercial. The commercial will officially premiere late Friday night in Japan.

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