VIDEO: Norio Wakamoto Sings Mami's Theme From "Madoka Magica"

Distinctive actor voices Nana Genie in "Wizard Barristers" this month

 Distinctive voice actor Norio Wakamoto does a lot of villains (Bison, Castlevania's Dracula, Sengoku Basara's Nobunaga, Cowboy Bebop's Vicious), characters who are oddly overblown (Gintama's Matsudaira Katakuriko, Ninja Nonsense's Onsokumaru), or just odd (Mechazawa, Chiyo's Dad). He's doing the latter this season with Wizard Barrister's Nana Genie, which is a nice excuse to listen to his amazing cover of "Credens Justitiam," Mami's theme from Madoka Magica.

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