"Sailor Moon" Outer Senshi Plushies Available for Pre-order

Inner Senshi released in December

After the December release of Sailor Moon's Inner Senshi, Bandai has now scheduled a February release of plushies of Sailor Uranus, Neptune, Saturn, Pluto and Chibi Moon. The W130 x H90 x D160 mm soft figures are now available for pre-order at character goods retailers for about 1,200yen each.



The first set was released in December



Bandai Premium is taking orders for “Sailor Moon Crystal Carillon Pendant,” “Sailor Moon Space Sword Pendant,” and “Sailor Moon Deep Aqua Mirror Pendant," to be released in March. Each is made with 925 silver and coated in an 18-karat gold plating and decorated with Swarovski crystal. Crystal Carillon is 14,700 yen, Space Sword is 12,600 yen and Deep Aqua Mirror is 13,125 yen.


Volumes 5 and 6 of the new edition of the manga, with new covers were released in Japan today.


The Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Memorial tribute album is out in Japan tomorrow.


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