Retailer Hot Topic Adds "Attack On Titan" Shirts to Product Line

Online-exclusive shirts could be expanded to stores with strong online sales this week

Evergreen tenant of American shopping malls Hot Topic has now added Attack on Titan to its lineup of pop culture merchandise with an online test run of shirt designs for Boys and Girls. Both designs are currently online exclusive, but as FUNimation has confirmed on its Facebook page, if there is enough sales volume this week, the possibility exists that the shirts will be rolled out to locations nationwide. So what do the shirts look like? Have a look below:


Hot Topic AoT shirts

 The Girls shirt goes straight for the cute chibi look whle the Boys shirt goes for the bog standard group pose for the main cast. Kind of plain and unexciting, but if these are popular enougth, they could lead to more designs and merchandise. While I could have thought of better designs, I'll be buying the Boys shirt if it means more merch down the road. Would you buy either of these shirts?

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