"Silver Spoon" Petanko Trading Rubber Straps Offered

Also from Golden Time, Servant x Service, Watamote, Love Lab

Tokyo-based anime/manga character goods company Penguin Parade has successively announced the new lineups of its Petanko trading rubber straps featuring chibi characters all sitting in the same pose. The latest one revealed today is the student characters from Hiromu Arakawa's Silver Spoon manga. The 60mm strap set has 10 characters from the series including one secret. The price for one strap is 550 yen (about US$5.36) and that for one box containing 10 straps is 5,500 yen. The retailers in Japan started accepting pre-orders for them today. The company has also announced the Petanko straps featuring the characters from Golden Time, Servant x Service, Watamote, and Love Lab. Check the lineups below. Which character's Petanko strap do you want the most? 





Yugo Hachiken and Aki Mikage


Tamako Inada and Keiji Tokiwa


Ichiro Komaba and Hajime Nishikawa


Taro Beppu and Shinnosuke Aikawa


Mayumi Yoshino and the secret character




"Golden Time" Petanko straps


"Servant x Service" Petanko straps 



"Watamote" straps


"Love Lab" straps


Source: press release


© Hiromu Arakawa, Shogakukan/Ezonousai Jikkou Iinkai

© Yuyuko Takemura/Ascii Media Works/Omaken

© Karino Takatsu/Square Enix/Servant x Service Production Committee

© Nico Tanigawa/Sqiare Enix/Watamote Production Committee

© Ruri Miyahara/Houbunsha, Fujijyo Seitokai



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