Atlus to Publish "Conception II" RPG in Europe as Digital Download

PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS game gets another destination in the west

Earlier today Atlus announced plans to publish Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars in Europe, so all you folks in said region won't be left out of the child-bearing RPG's journey to the west. Right now the PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS release is set for Q2 2014.


The only catch here is that Conception II will only be available as a digital download via the 3DS eShop and PlayStation Network.



Atlus' synopsis:

In Conception II players are "God's Gift" - a human teenager bestowed with the blessings of the Star God with power levels that are off the charts. His Ether is the only thing in the world that allows him and his fellow classmates to enter and fight the evil contained within Dusk Circles - monster-filled labyrinths that threaten human existence. To aid him in labyrinths, his power allows him to create Star Children. But only by maintaining relationships with the game's heroines will players be able to create an army of better, stronger, faster Star Children with suitable elemental powers. The complex elements of managing relationships are only matched by the intricate combat systems, where positioning, attack chains, and combos are vital for survival.



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