"Happinesscharge PreCure!" Character Buns Offered in Japan

Featuring the PreCure 10th anniversary series

With the start of the broadcasting of the highly-anticipated 11th TV anime series Happinesscharge PreCure! in Japan yesterday (it seemed the fans enjoyed it passionately mainly because of the similarity with Heartcatch PreCure!), Japanese bread maker Daiichi Pan has started offering three kind of sweet buns featuring the characters of the TV anime and the PreCure 10th anniversary logo on the packages. The company has been famous for its character buns featuring the PreCure and Super Sentai series (they also release Ressha Sentai ToQger buns). Each buns contains one removable "Pra-Pita" sticker (20 types in total). It means the fans have to eat at least 20 buns to complete the sticker set. The buns are available in the Honshu, Chubu, Kinki, and Shikoku regions. 


Ichigo Melonpan (Strawberry Melon Bread)

Sand Cake with pudding-taste cream and whip

Ichigo Danish (Strawberry Danish)

"Pra-Peta" stickers

"Happinesscharge PreCure!" 1st episode preview


Source: press release


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