VIDEO: Yukari Tamura's Latest Single "Himitsu no Tobira kara Ai ni Kite" Full Version PV

The OP theme song for 2014 winter TV anime "NO-RIN"

To promote the release of the CD single two days later in Japan, King Records today posted a full version promotional video for popular anime voice actress/singer Yukari Tamura's 24th single "Himitsu no Tobira kara Ai ni Kite" (Come to see me through the secret door). It is available for a limited time between February 3 to 16 on YouTube. 


The song is now used as the OP theme for the TV anime adaptation of Shirow Shiratori's light novel series NO-RIN, in which she voices one of the heroine characters, Ringo Kinoshita. She also sings the ED theme "Mogitate Fruit Girls" with Kana Hanazawa who plays another heroine of the anime, Minori Nakazawa.



CD jacket


srtais photo © Mellow Pretty

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