POLL: Japanese Men Choose Top 5 Manga Characters They Wish To Get Valentine's Chocolate From

Now let's see which female manga characters Japanese males wish they could receive chocolate from

Does it seem like manga readers have slightly different tastes from anime viewers? In the results of a recent poll question where the Japanese male users of the site chose who they wanted to receive chocolate from, they picked many characters that seasoned veterans in the scene could probably appreciate. Here is the other part of poll results by eBookJapan.



Top 5 female Manga characters that Japanese males wish to get Valentine's Day chocolate from


#1 Kyoko Otonashi from Maison Ikkoku

"She is older than me and sometimes too smothering but still very sweet, I would fall easiliy if she gave me chocolate."

"Kyoko is forever my madonna"



#2 Nami from ONE PIECE

"I like girls who are cheerful"

"I'd be very happy if she gave me chocolate because she is not the type to do that. And she is cute"



#3 Minami Asakura from Touch

"She represents females of 1980s and I would forever be honored if I could receive her chocolate even if it's for friendship. I have been a big fan of Noriko Hidaka, who did the voice for her as well."

"She is forever my idol"




#4 Lum from Urusei Yatsura

"I love how she is direct and to the point"

"She is a devoted lover"




#5 Amir Halgal from Otoyomegatari (The Bride's Stories)

Manga by Kaoru Mori, click here for a short description in the previous news post.

"She is adorable in many ways"

"I can trust her to make a good chocolate"



There you have it! I noticed that there are more thorough and passionate reasons for the votes from the male audience compared to how females were focused on which character will be the happiest to receive chocolate, sort of confirming the rumor that the event has more impact on males than females in Japan.


Souce: eBookJapan

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