VIDEO: Enjoy An Otaku Live Show With A Wife/Husband Body Pillow In Japan

The safety concern of the audience at otaku events inspired a new way of participation

Bamboo, the front man of the band milktub had the safety at Otaku live music shows as the topic of his Nico Nico Douga live broadcast show Asakusa NOW. Milktub (who performed Uchoten Jinsei, the opening theme of The Eccentric Family) and his people reached a decision to present a different and more peaceful method of audience participation by offering audience wife/husband body-pillows instead of glow-sticks at their live events!


In Japan, it's very common for the audience members to bring glow-sticks to otaku events and some people play more aggressively, as in Ota-gei routines you may have seen online or may have even experienced first hand. 


However, glowsticks are hard and easy for them to slip out of the hands of sweaty audience members. The risk is even more serious at smaller live venues with a higher possibilty of hurting the performers. In that case, what is a safe alternative? Maybe something softer and fluffy? Maybe the audience should use wife/husband body-pillows instead of glowsticks?


That was the logic for the first event in the history of otaku music shows called Daki-Maku-Live, or Dakimakura Kisai in Japanese, where the audience uses bodypillow wife or husband pillows to enjoy the show and the highly anticipated new event date was announced after 3 years. Watch the promotion video, which includes some live scenes from the previous event filled with fluffy goodness below.



There is even a page dedicated to explain some of the allowed moves at the event. Some movement names are:

  • Wife Piston - Move the wife pillow up and down.
  • No Wife, No Future - Let your wife dive in the audience instead of yourself. 4 times maximum per person.
  • Mas-game - Raise your wife high when her name is called.
  • Lincoln - Turn with your wife at the spot both of you are at.
  • 3P - Lend your wife to your friends.


Following moves are prohibited:

  • Wife Wild Dance - Use your wife as you would use a glow-stick. Too dangerous and may hurt others.
  • Wife Guitar - Simulate guiter play using your wife as a guitar. The movement and the placement of the hand are too inappropriate.
  • NTR - Steal someone's wife. If you do this, you will be very sorry. If this is pre-negotiated, it's permitted.




To celebrate the come back of the legendary event, the tickets with a body pillow with a wife or a husband cover which cost 10,000 yen are already sold out almost a month before the event date of March 2nd in Shinjuku, Tokyo, even to Bamboo's surprise. Want to know more about Bamboo and milktub? Catch milktub at Animagic 2014 in Germany and check out some of his videogame titles at (Caution: some titles are not appropriate for audience under 21).

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