"Yakuza 5" Rumored to Come West Courtesy of Atlus

EGM magazine rumor section points toward Atlus for localization

Yakuza 5 has remained a Japan-only entry since its December 2012 release on PlayStation 3, but that could change if some recent rumors pan out. According to Q-Mann's rumor mill column in gaming mag EGM, Yakuza 5 could make its way to the west courtesy of Atlus.


Sega acquired Atlus in September of last year, so it wouldn't be too surprising to see Atlus take a plunge on one of the former's oft-requested titles. Here's what Q-Mann had to say about it:


"The House That Demon Schlong Mara Built is far from dead and looks to keep on churning out great localizations. In fact, the Q-Gangzsta even has this exclusive tidbit: Don't rule out Yakuza 5 coming to America under the Atlus banner."


We've seen a handful of the Yakuza/Ryu ga Gotoku games in the west, though they haven't all made their way here unscathed. Hopefully, if Atlus were to go through with this, they'd leave less on the cutting room floor… and here's to also hoping that Yakuza 5 wouldn't perform as poorly as Yakuza: Dead Souls


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