Cartoon Networks Pulls Teenage "Powerpuff Girls" Comic Cover Following Criticism

Retailer criticized image illustration, saying “Are we seriously sexualizing pre-teen girls like perverted writing fan fiction writers on the internet?”

At the end of last month, following Cartoon Network withdraw plans to release a variant cover for IDW Publishing’s The Powerpuff Girls #6 comic following a retailer's criticism that the illustration by Mimi Yoon, depicting Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup as teenagers, overly sexualized the young protagonists.



Dirk Wood, IDW’s vice president of marketing, explained the cover was actually “mandated” by Cartoon Network, using an artist of its choosing. “I think they were thinking of it more along the lines of ‘female empowerment’ than the kind of thing you guys are talking about,” he wrote in the lengthy comments thread, “but certainly, we’re sensitive to the issues here.”


Cartoon Network's licensing division intended to be released as a “collectible item”, but changed their position, saying "we recognize some fans’ reaction to the cover and, as such, will no longer be releasing it at comic book shops.”


Yoon responsed Facebook page:



my objective was to illustrate modern, pop cultured, SASSY (not sexy), and humanized Powerpuff Girls who have just beaten the crime lord and have him on the ground. yes, the girls are wearing latex costumes… SO?!?!?! don’t all superpowered heroes wear latex?

unfortunately, the comic book will never make it to the stores… yes, i’m truely disappointed… because a perverted mind decided to see in this image what his dirty mind has conjured up, and barked loud enough. worse, he brought up kids and used protecting kids and kids’ perspective in his reasoning/excuse. does he think kids are dumber than him?


Dennis L. Barger Jr, the retailer at the center of the controversy, who prompted Cartoon Network response with comments like “Are we seriously sexualizing pre-teen girls like perverted writing fan fiction writers on the internet?” further explained his position in an open letter.



Yoon also has a cover for cover for BOOM! Studios’ Adventure Time  comic in the pipeline


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