POLL: The "Free!" Character Japanese Fans Want To Spend Valentine's Day With

Which one of the swimmers gets the most votes from Japanese fans?

Nijimen has posted the results of the question that a lot of fans could not answer when it was offered as an otome-game style survey, that is, to choose only one character out of the Free! anime to spend Valentine's Day together with. 1,396 online votes by Japanese fans (please notice that I am carefully avoiding specifying "female fans" because a little less than 10% of the votes came from the guys) decided and here are the results!



Remember when we had such a hard time choosing only one character out of 5 to spend a day at a mall that only sells hardware when the survey was offered at KyoAni Shop online? Click here for details in the previous post.



Who would you like to spend Valentine's Day with from Free! (and what to do on the date)


#8 Goro Sasabe 8 votes

"He is so nice that he would be happy no matter what I give him!"

"It will make me happy just to be with him quietly and relax together"



#7 Seijuro Mikoshiba 47 votes

"I want to go buy his swim trunks together!"

"I don't think I can stop laughing with him"

"I want him to praise me for the chocolate, my outfit and everything else!"

"I bet he will stay very excited the whole time...let's take Gou chan with us, too!"



#6 Aiichiro Nitori 50 votes

"We'll discuss how great Rin is to our hearts' content and I want him to share Rin's secret with me"

"I want to go to an amusement park with him"

"It would be fun to go anywhere with him and watching him just makes me relax"

"Seeing how he will score save points with his unexpected reactions during the date will be amusing"



#5 Nagisa Hazuki 84 votes

"It would be fun to hang out with him!"

"I want to go dessert-hopping!"

"Nagisa would enjoy making chocolate with me like we are girlfriends"

"I want to eat Iwatobikkuri Bread in chocolate fondue together!"

"Nagisa is perfect because 1, he would provide a constant stream of conversation topics, naturally avoiding awkward silence and 2. keep a smile on his face all the time to make it fun"

"I would love to share a cup of Love Potion flavored ice cream from Baskin Robbins or the vending machine ice candies like high school kids on the way home from school"

"I like Haruka the best, but for a date, I think Nagisa would talk to me a lot to make sure I have fun"



#4 Rei Ryugazaki 143 votes

"I bet Rei-chan will make a perfect date plan"

"I just want to observe him all day"

"If I let him know the date of the event, he would plan a lot and try to make it perfect, so I want to take him out sponteniously to watch him act awkward because he is not used to it"

"We will play detective together"

"I can listen to him all day talking about his theories at his house"

"I want to observe the date goes from the perfectly planned to an inevitable disaster and watch his action"



#3 Haruka Nanase 184 votes

"Cook me some mackerel"

"If I can be on a date with him, I don't care if we are just eating mackerel"

"I want to go to an aquarium with him!"

"He probably would not talk during the date, so i'll just observe him"

"Maybe he will make a mackerel chocolate for me lol"

"Can I see his Dere?"

"Let's make mackerel chocolate cake together!"

"i want to take him to an aquarium and see his eyes twinkle for water and mackerel"

"I want to take him to an aquarium and stop him from going in the water with all of my strength"

"May not sound like too much of a date, but I want to go fishing with him"

"Stay at home and eat all the mackerel"



#2 Rin Matsuoka 243 votes

"Rin's Tsundere is the best!"

"I want to force him to eat my chocolate"

"Absolutely Rin. He should be used to shopping with girls because he has Gou and he would be a gentleman and help me carry my bag without even asking"

"Take me shopping and choose a fashionable outfit for me!"

"He looks kind of mad all the time, but if I give him a chocolate, he may blush"

"I will do anything to get his Dere"

"Since he is a hopeless romantic, I bet he would prepare a surprise for me"

"I will let Rin be my coach and jog together before he trains me, then we'll eat sweet chocolate together"

"Cat cafe and an aquarium"

"He may give me a bouqet of roses because he is internationally cultured"

"Watch TV at home together"

"Rin, no doubt what so ever. He seems like the type of guy who takes girls to a cool cafe or something"




#1 Makoto Tachibana 581 votes

"Dessert hopping at a chocolatier with Makoto!"

"Go to a haunted house at an amusement park and get scared together"

"Make sweets together"

"He is so kind and makes me want to be spoiled by him"

"I want to go see the Orca at Kamogawa Sea World together"

"He will probably lead me gently at the date. Even if he messes up, it will be fun to watch him not knowing what to do"

"I want to spoil him"

"I want to fill him up with a lot of his favorite chocolate desserts!"

"Swimming together!"

"I want to hang out with his brother and sister, too"

"His gentle escort will be perfect"

"Eat a chocolate cake together to feed him and to be fed by him"

"I just want to go for a relaxing stroll with him, have a nice conversation at a bench in a park and watch his gentle smile really close"

"Shopping date to choose each other's outfit"

"Please make chocolate with me. Please spend time at home and relax with me. Plase wear glasses for me *nosebleed*"

"I want to stroll around Iwatobi town and listen to him talk about Haruka all day"

"Cat cafe with Makoto would be heaven"

"If I can be on a date with Makoto, I would gladly wear my jacket across the shoulder like he does"



Makoto proved to be the absolute winner in this poll by getting more than double the votes that Rin at the second place received! Although it was very much expected, it is funny how most of the date suggestions for Haruka had something to do with mackerel or water. Who would you choose to be on a date with on Valentine's Day and what would you do with him?

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