Union Creative Teases 3 New "Yowapeda" Figures

Men's H"(Edge) line shows off 3 prototypes and possibly more

Union Creative, the figure maker who brought out the Calne Ca figures from their H" (Edge) line, has posted 3 teaser images of upcoming Yowapeda prototype figures from their Men's H"(Edge) line in preparation for Winter Wonder Festival 2014 this weekend at the Makuhari Messe in Japan. The blog is not even sharing the names of the characters and leaving fans to speculate which figures they are.


 Teaser image #1

Long flowing green hair and long and lean legs. This one is an easy guess.



Teaser image #2

The hint on the blog says, he is the #1 readers favorite character poll winner with short black hair.



Teaser image #3

Antennas and the head band are symbolic characteristic of this character, who thinks he is popular.



Many guess #1 is Yusuke Makishima, #2 is Yasutomo Arakita and #3 is Jinpachi Toudou, if fans' speculations are correct. There are parts in the blog that even sounds like there are more cyclist figures from the anime coming up to keep the fans excited.

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