“Senran Kagura” Asuka Figure Coming Soon

To be released in May


“Senran Kagura” Asuka 閃乱カグラ 飛鳥

Asuka has an embarrassed expression on her face.

The 1/7th scale, fully-painted PVC figure features main character Asuka from the anime series about well-endowed high school ninja girls, and is based on a popular garage kit of the character. The figure depicts Asuka in a state of undress, nearly bursting out of her top, with a slightly embarrassed expression on her face. She is posed kneeling with her head tilted to the side, holding up the straps of her bikini top. Other highlights for Asuka fans include her slightly-too-tight thigh-high stockings and the realistic coloring of her skin.


The figure retails for 9,800 yen, plus tax. It will be released in May.


“Senran Kagura” Asuka 閃乱カグラ 飛鳥

Asuka’s ample body is posed kneeling.

“Senran Kagura” Asuka 閃乱カグラ 飛鳥

The figure accurately reproduces the tiniest details, including the ribbons on her clothing.

“Senran Kagura” Asuka 閃乱カグラ 飛鳥

Other details include Asuka’s half-removed school uniform top.


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