Check Out A Fan-Created Comparison Image Of Alter's "Free!" Figure Prototypes

Side-by-side comparison image created for new improvements from the last prototype display

Wonder Festival 2014 is currently being held at the Makuhari Messe expo center in Japan and Free! fans are glued to the Alter booth for the new and improved prototype figures for Haruka Nanase and Makoto Tachibana that are on display. What are the improvements? No worries, dedicated Japanese fans have already created a side-by-side comparison image for the rest of us to stare at.



Image via @emi_free

She compared the WF2014 prototype with the previously displayed prototype with a caution that many of these improvements she noticed could be just a matter of different angles and lighting.


For Haruka:

Face: The facial expression became softer.

Torso: More muscle definition added. The navel shape is oblong and very moe.

Goggles: Added as well as more details of the jacket including the zipper.

Hands: Look more slimmed down than the last time.



For Makoto:

Face: Hair details became sharper.

Crotch: Looks like a slight modification to the adonis line, but could just be lighting. The one and only part of Mako that never changes is the ability to grab attention.

Goggles: Added as well as more details of the jacket, including the zipper.





Photo via @anime_yoyaku



Photos via @HMV_anime






Comparison images by @mytake_




The new images above are posted on the Hobbystock website. I hope Alter will announce Rin, Rei and Nagisa figures as well as the release dates for Haruka and Makoto's figures soon!




BONUS PHOTOS! Megahouse's Free! Ocha-Tomo figures were also spotted at WF 2014. They are tiny figures that hang on the edge of glasses frames.

Images via @hs_takepiko

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