Iori Nomizu to Sing the OP Theme for 2014 Spring TV Anime "Hitsugi no Chaika"

The TV anime adaptation of Ichiro Sakaki's popular novel set for April 2014

It was confirmed yesterday that 28-year-old anime voice actress/singer Iori Nomizu will sing "DARAKENA," the OP theme song for the forthcoming TV anime adaptation of Ichiro Sakaki's fantasy light novel series Hitsugi no Chaika. She made her major solo singer debut with the first single "Ma-Ka-Se-Te Tonight," the OP theme for the 2011 TV anime Is This a Zombie? First Season, in which she also voiced the main heroine character Haruna. So far she has released four singles and one album. "DARAKENA" will be her fifth single as a solo singer. Check her past PVs below.


The TV anime Hitsugi no Chaika is produced by BONES (Eureka Seven, Darker than Black) and directed by Souichi Masui (Scrapped Princess, Anyamaru Tantei Kiruminzuu). It is Masui's second anime adaptation work based on Ichiro Sakaki's novel series after Scrapped Princess in 2003. The TV anime will be premiered in Japan in April 2014.


Iori Nomizu artist photo from 1st album "Hat Trick"


2nd single "***Passionato" (Is This a Zombie? Second Season OP)



3rd single "Black White" short PV (Problem Children are Coming from Another World, aren't they? OP)



4th single "SAVE THE WORLD" short PV (Date A Live ED)



"[email protected]" from her 1st album in 2013 "Hat Trick"



"Hitsugi no Chaika" anime advanced PV


via: Moca


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