VIDEO: Giant Robot Directs Traffic In The Congo

Mech has four cameras, revolving traffic light arms and the Kinshasa police's trademark sunglasses

Move over Robocop, a 100% mecha officer has been deployed to the streets of Kinshasa, the largest city in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


Developed by Kinshasa Advanced Institute of Applied Techniques, the giant police robot standing in the middle of busy intersections has four cameras, revolving traffic light arms and the Kinshasa police's trademark sunglasses.



“Our robot is a humanoid,” Isaie Therese, the traffic robot’s inventor, told CCTV Africa in an interview you can watch in the video below. “It’s a design quality that copies the style of a real policeman.”



The mecha transmits the camera feeds to a center where traffic infractions can be analyzed and citations can bee issued as needed. Designers claim that the robots are responsible for an increase in traffic tickets, which in turn has already helping to cut down on congestion and chaos on the road, as well as raised more revenue to fund and build more road and safety infrastructure.


via Fast Company



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