Bandai Premium Offers "Space Dandy" Suka-Jum, T-Shirt, Belt

Inspired by the latest Sci-Fi comedy TV show

Bandai's official online store Premium Bandai has started accepting pre-orders for three apparel items inspired by the on-going TV anime Space Dandy created by the staff of Cowboy Bebop. "Dandy Suka-Jum" and "Dandy Belt" are designed after the costume worn by the protagonist of the show. "Suka-Jum" is an abbreviation of Yokosuka Jumper, which is a kind of studium jumper originated in the Yokosuka area in Kanagawa Prefecture in 1960s. The scheduled delivery day for the three items is in April 2014.



"Dandy Suka-Jum" (32,184 yen/US$315)


"BooBies Vip! T-shirts" (3,240 yen/US$32)  

"Dandy Belt"  (9,180 yen/US$90)

Source: press release

© 2014 BONES/Project SPACE DANDY

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