Toei Hotel Opens Official "Happinesscharge PreCure!" Room

With 10 special PreCure items/service for kids

As reported, Ikenotaira Hotel in Nagano Prefecture has been famous for its successful special room plans featuring the nationally popular anime series PreCure since 2010. In response to the great popularity, Toei's own Yuzawa Toei Hotel in Niigata Prefecture also opens official "Happinesscharge PreCure!" rooms for the PreCure-loving kids and their family this year.


Toei Yuzawa's PreCure rooms are decorated with the characters and symbols from the latest TV series, and the child visitors can take home 8 special PreCure goods as souvenirs. Even a free PreCure Cosplay costume (Narikiri Charareet Kids) is included in the plan (only for kids). The charge for one night's stay is 9,450 yen/US$92.50 (without breakfast), 10,500 yen/US$102.76 (with breakfast). Do you want to stay for your holiday?


The 10 PreCure goods/service for the kids are:

1. Bath towel

2. Face towel

3. Mini towel

4. Nail stickers

5. Name stickers

6. Die-cut memo pad

7. Stationary set

8. Pencilboard

9. Tickets for Nunoba Snow Land (ski site next to the hotel)

10. Narikiri Charareet Kids (free rental)


The ad for the PreCure room



Ikenotaira Hotel's Dokidoki! PreCure rooms


Ikenotaira Hotel's TV CM of last year


Source: Toei


© ABC/Toei Animation

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