VIDEO: Voice Actor Takuma Terashima's 3rd Single "SCARLET SIGN" PV

The voice of Otoya Ittoki in the "Uta no Prince-sama" series

Japanese record company Lantis has posted an artist photo and short version promotional video for popular anime voice actor Takuma Terashima's 3rd single "SCARLET SIGN." As usual, all the lyrics for the songs in the single are written by Terashima himself. Terashima, who is 30-year-old now, is best known as the voice of Otoya Ittoki in the Uta no Prince-sama game/anime series.


While singing many anime/game character songs, he released his 1st solo single "magic words" in November 2012 and 2nd single "Star Tale" in July 2013. Both single were very successful in the Japanese CD charts. The 3rd single "SCARLET SIGN" will be released in Japan on March 12 in two editions, regular (CD-only) and limited edition with a DVD containing a full version PV.  


Takuma Terashima artist photo


3rd single "SCARLET SIGN" short PV



2nd single "Star Tale" short PV



"Architect" short PV (the leading track from the 1st album "NEW GAME")


Source: Lantis


artist photo ©Lantis

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