VIDEO: DECO*27's Latest Hatsune Miku Song "Stickybug" PV

The 4th album "Conti New" hits stores on March 26

Following "Mono Poisoner" early this month, popular vocaloid song creator DECO*27 posted a promotional video for his next new Hatsune Miku song "Ojyamamushi/Stickybug" yesterday. The song will be included in his forthcoming Miku-featured album "Conti New," which hits stores on March 26. The illustration in the PV is drawn by Ryono, who previously worked on DECO*27's 2010 major debut album "Souaisei Riron" and 2013 2nd album "Aimai Elegy."


The 12-song album will contain all of his latest Hatsune Miku songs which he has released monthly via his "Gekkan DECO*27" project since September 2013, such as "Delusion Tax," "Fakery Tale," "Winter Cleaning," and "Mono Poisoner" (watch the PVs below). The jacket of the album features the three colors presenting the character Hatsune Miku.




The 4th album "Conti New" jacket


"Mousouzei/Delusion Tax"



"Otogibanashi/Fakery Tale"



"Ousouji/Winter Cleaning"



"Dokusenyoku/Mono Poisoner"


DECO*27 artist photo


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