TV Tokyo Holds Local Moe Mascot Character Popularity Contest

11 famous characters/groups from various prefectures of Japan

TV Tokyo is now holding "Oshi-One Grand Prix," online popularity votes for local moe mascot characters and local super heroes/sentai teams in Japan. Now 11 moe characters/groups have taken part in the contest. The voting period is between February 5 and 28. In order to vote, you go to your favorite girl's page, and enter your nickname, email address, the region you want to support in the form at the bottom of the page. You can vote only once in each categories (moe chara and hero). The winner will be announced on March 14 on the site. Check the entries below and vote for your most favorite girl who are working for her beloved hometown!


1. Sayuha

(Fujikawa-cho, Yamanashi Prefecture)

 unofficial site



2. Youkoso Ryohoji he

 (Hachiouji, Tokyo)

 Official site



3. Candy Shrimp

 (Numatsu-shi, Shizuoka Prefecture)




4. Ogaki Kyun Monogatari

 (Ogaki-city, Gifu Prefecture)

 Official blog



5. Tamahime-chan

 (Kanazawa-city, Ishikawa Prefecture)

 Official site


6. Simon-chan

 (Shimotsuma-city, Ibaragi Prefecture)

 The city's official page



7. Amitan Musume

 (Takaoka-city, Toyama Prefecture)

 Official site



8. Touhoku Zunko

 (six prefectures in the Tohoku region)

 Official site



9. Fuji-tan

 (Shizuoka Prefecture)

 Official site



10. Momotsu Karen

 (Shizuoka-city, Shizuoka prefecture)

 Official site



11. Murakumo Hiyori and 4 others

 (Yaizu-city, Shizuoka Prefecture)

 Official site


via: TV Tokyo


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