Another Meme Springs Up Featuring "Moomin" In Cosplay In Japan

Twitter users put their favorite character's cosplay on Moomin characters to make a short manga

I wonder if it's the rarity of snow in the Kanto region, but it feels like Japanese meme scene is coming up with a new theme everyday. This latest meme started in the form of a hashtag on Twitter roughly around last night US time and now new images are posted by the minute. The hashtag says, Put Moomin in your favorite character's cosplay and say something in a two panel manga with a close up of the character in the second panel, it will work as manga no matter what. It's a very long hashtag and you may better understand it if you see it.



Just in case you are not familiar with what Moomin is. The Moomins is Swedish book and a comic strip by Tove Jansson that is still very popular in Japan.





This was one of the first two manga posted with the hashtag.


"I only swim free"

Moomin as Haruka Nanase from Free!.





Kuroko's Basketball


"I'm kidding, idiot"

by Makoto Hanamiya

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 "The only one who can win over me is me."

by Daiki Aomine

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 "I will not forgive anyone who goes against me, even if it's my parents."

by Seijuro Akashi

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“Do your best and let the heavens do the rest” - Shutaro Midorima

"Laughs" - Kazunari Takao

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Attack On Titan

“I’m going to kill them all!”

by Eren Yeager

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 "What do you see?"

by Ervin Smith

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Tiger & Bunny


"If I'm not mistaken, did you just call me hippo?"

by Barnaby Brooks Jr.

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Sengoku BASARA

"Clan-head? No...I'm a Dragon King."

by Masamune Date

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Hozuki No Reitetsu

"If there are big boobs, I want to be caressed. If they are small, I want to caress them."

"Caress!! And be caressed!!"

by Hakutaku

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by Goldfish flower

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By Shinya Kougami

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Uta No Prince Sama


"It's not just's ROCK"

by Ranmaru Kurosaki

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"I'm alive"

by Sangaku Manami

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"I'm alive"

by Sangaku Manami  


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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

"how do I say this…I had a boner…"

by Yoshikage Kira

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