VIDEO: Choose the Voice for Hokkaido's Virtual Idol Kitano Kamui

Illustrated by the Hatsune Miku original designer KEI

Kitano Kamui is a Hokkaido-based virtual idol created in April 2013 to promote the region. Her name "Kamui" means "God" in Ainu language used by the Ainu tribe, the indigenous people in the island. The Kitano Kamui project has been holding an audition for the voice actress for her since last December. They announced 7 finalists from 94 participants from all over Japan at the Sapporo Snow Festival on February 11 and has posted a video to introduce their sample voices to the public on YouTube.


The winner will host a radio program on HBC Radio as Kamui starting soon. You can send a supporting email for your favorite voice to [email protected]. The numbers and content of the email will form the basis for the final decision. The deadline is on February 28. Whose voice do you think suit the best for Kamui-chan?




The video for the sample voices



via: Otakuma Keizai Shimbun


© 2013 Kitano Kamui Project

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