"Attack on Titan" Plum Wine and Colossal Titan Underwear Go on Sale

Author Hajime Isayama's home town of Ōyama is famous for its plums,

After running a number of Attack on Titan promotions over the last year, the web store for Japan's Family Mart convenience stores are offering a number of exclusive merchandise items. And while they aren't the strangewt bits of AoT merch you've seen, offerings like a Levi sleeping mask and Colossal Titan are definitely amusing.


Exclusive items include

Sleeping mask - 1,2000yen


Cap 3,500yen


Parka - 5250yen

Boxers 2500yen


Mug - 900yen


Scissor strap case 3150yen




 Meanwhile, author's Hajime Isayama's home town of Ōyama is famous for its plums, and a maker of a umeshu ( a Japanese liqueur made from ume fruits) is now producing tribute bottles.


The Survey Corp set of three bottles is alcoholic and is only offered to legal (20+) customers. It ships in March for  6,500 yen, with Erwin label yume hibiki (20 proof), Hanji label kisyu nanko umeshu (14 proof) and Levi label tea umeshu (14 proof). All bottles are 500ml





Then, the 104s are features on sets of three 150ml bottles of ume juice vibrato for 2,000yen



Isayama blogged about his trip to the ume growers here.


their display of his original art



via itm_nlab


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