Japanese Fans Create A Fantasy Otome Game Involving Male Figure Skaters On Twitter

Hilarious fan-made in-game screen shots, events and even an online game based on tweets

The male figure skating during the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics may have ended but the stars born on the ice are still keeping Japanese fans busy, this time by having them in a fantasy otome game featuring male figure skaters. The hashtag ##フィギュア男子乙女ゲー (literally, Male Figure Otome Game) is showing interesting developments and some hilarious images as a result.


This was one of the first images that appeared with a figure skater and a suggestion of an otome game with a logo that resembles Uta No Prince Sama.




After the hashtag was born, A Twitter user created a visual grid of current male figure skaters and their coaches mentined in the hashtag. Posting the image, the Twitter user @kuri_goma3327 feels this idea has so much potential.





image via @aki4415vvv

So much of the aforementioned potential is exercised in this fan-made Ice No Prince Sama PSP cover made with a collage of Japanese figure skaters.





Yuzuru Hanyu

A 19-year-old Sochi Winter Olympic gold medalist who is in love with Pooh the Bear.

via @gazou_wBOT


"Hi! I'm Yuzuru Hanyu. Very pleased to meet you! By the way, is that Pooh Bear on your bag? Do you like him, too?"

Please note the image of Yuzuru was not shot to be in Otome game screen shot. Again, exercising so much potential.





image via @poohanew_

"You are late. What were you doing?"

Seems like there are a group of people who get excited when Yuzuru act Oresama (bossy).




image via @poohanew_

"Hey hey, let's go burn down the Parisienne walkways"

He often uses Parisienne Walkways by late guitarist, Gary Moore for his perfromance and the term "burning it down" is used when his performance is blazing.




Tatsuki Machida

Matchy, as Itsuki is called by his fans, is known for his eccentric use of words during interviews in Japan. Much of the 'Machida-lingo' is used in this hashtag.



image via @_shioring_

"Hey....do you know that Timshel is better than a kiss?"

Matchy used a biblical word "timshel" once in an interview in Japan and lost almost everybody as a result. That incident made him famous among skating fans in Japan. He often mixes foreign words in Japanese when he speaks.




 Image via @asato_btxx

"It's the big bang. My thought fly and reach space...."

Another famous phrase used by Matchy in the otome game context.




 Image via @asato_btxx

"I usually do not make mistakes like this....."

Again, please notice that this image of Matchy was not shot to be in an otome game, however, it matches perfectly as a Megane-wearing character in it.





Then an online game was created

Another twitter user created an online Otome Game based on the tweets found in the hashtag. It's all in Japanese and only the Yuzuru route or Matchy route are available, which have been completed up to Day 1. I decided to choose the Parisienne Walkways route.




Oh no! It's burning!




As I stood there in the fire, Yuzuru appears apologizing for the fact it always gets burnt when he does that pose.




I tried the Library route hoping to see matchy.



Matchy was in the Philosophy section. He is looking for Timshel. That's as far as I got, but the developer of the site, @KEENfmkn says on the site that there maybe more content coming and the hashtag is growing with more Tweets.



Source: NAVER Togetter

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