VIDEO: 2nd Moe Electric Shaver Featuring Izumi Matsumoto

Designed and illustrated by Shikiuta

Nagano-based home electronics company Izumi Products will release IZF-V315-E, the second electric shaver featuring its moe mascot character Izumi Matsumoto on March 10. She is 19 years old and 156 cm tall. Her hobby is cosplay, but dresses only in costumes resembling the company's electric shavers.


The biggest improvement from the first version MOFR-V50 released last year is that a color illustration of her is printed on the shaver itself. The first version had only a small logo of her face on the grip. The 500-limited second version comes with a display stand also featuring her illustration. The price has not been announced yet. Check the PVs and leaflet images for the moe shavers below.


The PV for the 2nd moe shaver IZF-V315-E





The PV for the 1st moe shaver MOFR-V50




The PV for Izumi Matsumoto herself





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