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Ranka and Sheryl Exchange Costumes for "Macross" 30th Anniversary Duet Album

The 10-song album "Nyan Colla" hits stores on March 26

The jacket illustration for "Nyan Colla," the upcoming 30th anniversary duet album performed by the successive Macross characters (mainly from Macross Frontier), was revealed to Japanese media yesterday. Ranka and Sheryl, the two main heroines of the Macross Frontier series, are wearing each other's costumes. The illustration is newly drawn by Risa Ebata, who worked as the character designer and animation director for the 2008 TV anime series, and two feature films in 2009 and 2011. The 10 songs in the album (which you can check here) are:



1. "REMEMBER 16" (from Macross 7)

     Basara Nekki (Yoshiki Fukuyama) x Ranka Lee (Megumi Nakajima)

2. "Koi no Banana Moon" (from Macross Ⅱ: Lovers Again)

     Luca Angelloni (Jun Fukuyama) x Nanase Matsuura (Houko Kuwashima)

3. "Runner" (big Klan ver.)   (from Super Dimensional Fortress Macross)

     Mikhail Blanc (Hiroshi Kamiya) x Klan Klang (Megumi Toyoguchi)

4. "Uchuu Fuufu-kan" (from Macross F)

     Jeffrey Wilder (Toru Okawa) x Monica Lange (Rie Tanaka)

5. "0-G Love" (from Super Dimensional Fortress Macross)

      Grace O'Connor (Kikuko Inoue) x Leon Mishima (Tomokazu Sugita)

6. "Totsugeki Love Heart" (from Macross 7)

      Ozma Lee (Katsuyuki Konishi) x Catherine Glass (Sanae Kobayashi)

7. "Shao Pai Lon" (from Super Dimensional Fortress Macross)

     Alto Saotome (Yuuichi Nakamura) x Brera Sterne (Souichiro Hoshi)

8. "Aimo" (from Macross F)

     Mao Nome (Yuuka Nanri) x Sheryl Nome starring May'n


Bonus Tracks:

9. "Lion" (from Macross F)

     Big Klan (Megumi Toyoguchi) x Klan Klan (Megumi Toyoguchi)

10. "Friends~Jikuu wo koete~"

     Lynn Minmay (Mari Iijima) x Mylene Flare Jenius (Tomo Sakurai)


"Nyan Colla" jacket illustration


Alto and Brera in the recording session


Source: Natalie


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(C)2007 BigWest/Macross F Production Committee, MBS

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