VIDEO: "Stand Alone Complex" Mastermind's Second "au Unlimited Future Laboratory" Anime Short

Production I.G/STEVE N' STEVEN short hypes au mobile tech

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex writer/director Kenji Kamiyama launched Steve N' Steven to leverage commercial promotion with anime. The latest project, is au Unlimited Future Laboratory, hyping phone brand au's mobile tech with a look into the future.


The second episode is now online...


Turn on "Captions" to view English subtitles





The associated interactive site is online at



Script, Director: Kenji Kamiyama
Music Yuugo Kanno (Birdy the Mighty, Psycho-Pass)
Studio: Production I.G/STEVE N' STEVEN

Daisuke Kido: Jun Fukuyama
Yuu Mizue: Ayane Sakura
Chief Yamaoka: Masaki Terasoma
Youko Mine: Kairi Satake
Gorou Goto: Wataru Takagi
Fute: Ai Kakuma





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