Check Out A Fan-Made Wool Zangief Made By A Japanese Needle Felting Enthusiast

Needle felting even recreated his veins

Needle felting is quite popular in Japan as a hobby, and I have only seen cute things like macarons and mascot types of cute animals made, until now. Behold, the wool felt Zangief from the Street Fighter series made by Japanese needle felting enthusiast Kosuke Ueda. The original Twitter post is just 100 retweets shy of 10,000 retweets and this Zangief is fascinating people all over with its amazing details.



The above picture shows off the amazing details recreated with wool felt by Ueda. He has more photos of Zangief on his blog as shown below.




Zangief's muscle tone and even his veins are so detailed, you can't stop looking at them.




Above, you see Zangief with Ueda's first needle felting project, which he calls "a rabbit-looking something".  Ueda says in the blog post that the thing feels a lot harder to the touch than the Zangief and suspects the reason to be too many unneccessary pokes with the needle just to shape the thing due to a lack of experience. If you've ever wondered how hard needle felting is, read this post by Rocket News 24.



Even more photos are found on his blog, such as the Zangief in progress with another Sailor Moon inspired project. Ueda says that he started making Zangief while working on the Sailor Moon because working on something slender like Usagi made him want to work on something bumpy and muscular.



A close up of the face. Ueda says that working on the face was not too hard because he learned how to do this type of face when he worked on Armstrong from Full Metal Alchemist before.



Zangief's enormous back with strong muscle tones.



This progress photo proves that it is actually made of wool felt. Visit Ueda's blog for more photos of his other neddle felt work.


Source: Togech

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