Kyoto Subway Reveals 3rd Re-designed Mascot Girl "Misa Ono"

A cool guitarist girl who loves music and plants

Following the very successful Moe Uzumasa and Saki Matsuga, Kyoto-city's public subway has finally revealed a new promotional poster featuring the third and final re-designed mascot girl, Misa Ono. Her poster will start being displayed in the subway trains, stations, city office, and ward offices in the city from March 10. Now we have all three of them. Which one is your most favorite?  


As reported, the three mascot girls were originally designed by a family of a staff at Kyoto Municipal Transportation Bureau. Due to their poor recognition, the city decided to refine their designs for the new campaign scheduled for 2013-2014. Misa Ono is a second grade high school student and also a childhood friend of Moe. She belongs to the light music club as a guitarist in her school by the influence of a famous anime series (you can guess what it is). She loves music and plants, and takes an escalator often because she is not good at sports.



Misa Ono 2014 ver.


Misa Ono original ver.


Moe Uzumasa 2013 ver.



Saki Matsuga 2014 ver.



Three girls original ver.


© Kyoto Municipal Transportation Bureau

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