Smile PreCure!'s Cure Happy/Miyuki Hoshizora Donates Anne Frank's Diary

With a message "I hope you all spend everyday with a smile."

Yokohama-city's Kanagawa Ward Office announced on March 3 that a person named himself/herself as Cure Happy/Miyuki Hoshizora, one of the main characters from Toei Animation's popular 2012-2013 TV anime series Smile PreCure!, has donated three copies of Anne Frank's biography and stationery including pencils, pencil cases, and drawing books, to the office. The donated goods were founded at the main entrance around at 10:00 am the day before.


Since late February, hundreds of copies of “Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl” and other books related to her, the young Holocaust victim during World War II, at public libraries across Tokyo and the Kanto area have been found vandalized by someone. Kanagawa Public Library in the ward also found on February 25 that one page of their Anne Frank's Diary book was ripped out. As of today March 5, the police have not found the offender.


The letter bundled with the goods says, "Congratulations on starting kindergarten/school. I hope you all

spend every day with a smile. From Cure Happy/Miyuki Hoshizora." A person or people used the same

name Cure Happy already donated twice in last December and this January. The office will send the books

to the library and the stationery to children's nursing homes.



The donated goods


Cure Happy/Miyuki Hoshizora on the DVD covers


Source: Netlab


Smile PreCure! images © ABC/Toei Animation

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