Iwatobi-chan from "Free!" Becomes A Cream Puff

Creepy-cute creature featured as a dessert and a hair accessory

Do you remember Iwatobi-chan, that memorable mascot from sexy summer swimming anime, Free!? There are different kinds and types of merchandise for the mascot due to the the anime's popularity, and now it's a cream puff! Sound cute? Think again! It perfectly captures the creepy-cuteness of the mascot in a dessert form. Plus, some questionable official character merch also featuring Iwatobi-chan.



This is created by a pastry shop called Kaiser-Köln in the city of Tottori, Tottori prefecture, where the prefecture and city actively feature Free! to promote local tourism. Although it does not specify what it was modeled from, any fan can connect the dots. These are called "Iwa-chou (translation: Iwa-cream puff)" and are priced at 200 yen per cream-puff with a call-ahead reservation.


Now let's see what's new in official Iwatobi-chan merchandise.





TV anime Free! Iwatobi-chan perl hair tie  735 yen by Hobby Stock (pre-order)




TV anime Free! Metal Iwatobo-chan hair tie  840 yen by Hobby Stock (Pre-order)


Would you wear them? I personally think Iwatobi-chan is still kind of cute, but I have to admit that I heard an unknown noise behind me while working on this post and it seriously scared the living daylights out of me. Curse you Iwatobi-chan!

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