Special ”Magi" Marshmallows Created To Celebrate Shogakukan Award Win

Special sweets have 12 characters printed, but they aren't for sale!

While the second season of the anime gets more and more exciting, the Magi manga won the boy's manga category of the prestigious Shogakukan Manga Award 2013 and the author, Shinobu Ohtaka gave away a special treat at the award celebration party to the attendees to show her gratitude for all the support she received. The anime's official Twitter account posted the photos of not-for-sale Magi branded marshmallows with 12 characters printed on them!


Even the package is all Magi.



Can you name all the characters? Looks like the one on the top left corner is Ohtaka-sensei herself as you see the marshmallow has a talk bubble that says "I was able to win the award because of all of your help. thank you very much".


Congratulations Ohtaka-sensei!

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