"Break Blade" Apparently Replacing "Space Dandy" on Japanese TV

If, as it appears, "Space Dandy" is going way this April, don't worry baby...

The 2010 six anime feature adaptation of Yunosuke Yoshinaga's mecha manga Broken Blade are set to be adapted into a 12 episode TV series to be broadcast starting in April. Previously unanimated scenes, such as the Girge vs Spartans battle, will be incorporated into the TV version.

 A new TV OP theme is by Sayaka Sasaki, while a new ending is by Aira Yuhki.



It's set to run on Tokyo MX at 11:00pm... which happens to be Space Dandy's current slot. 


If, as it appears, Space Dandy is going way this April, don't worry baby... it's a poorly kept secret that Space Dandy isn't a one cour series, as animator Hiroyuki Okuno has already mentioned working on Masaaki Yuasa's (Tatami Galaxy) episode 16.


via liborek3 and Yuyucow

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