Japanese Hot Spring Has Its Moe Mascot Girl Mayahime-chan

Unfortunately (?), she already has a boyfriend

Shima Onsen, a famous hot spring resort in Nakanojyo-machi, Gunma Prefecture, introduced it own moe mascot girl named Mayahime-chan (Princess Maya) on March 2 and is now holding her debut event "Mayahime Matsuri 2014" (Princess Maya Festival) till March 16. The town has an old matchmaking story about a waterfall named "Maya's Fall" near the hot spring. She is taken from the "Mayahime Legend." 


Mayahime-chan is illustrated by Mako Aboshi, who is known as the chibi-character designer for the 2005 TV anime Pani Poni Dash! and end card works for many TV anime series including Baka and Test, Dusk maiden of Amnesia, the most recent Nisekoi (6th episode).


Mayahime-chan with her "official" boyfriend Fudou-kun



The hot spring's official facebook page has also posted some photos from "Mayahime Matsuri 2014."


Mayahime-chan cookies


via: Netlab, Shima Onsen Facebook

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