VIDEO: "Akame ga Kill!" Anime Teaser - UPDATED

Violent manga slated to be adapted into TV anime

Last month's Gangan Joker magazine (home of Watamote's four panel spin-off, Dusk Maiden of AmnesiaInu x Boku SS) confirmed Takahiro and Tetsuya Tashiro's 2010 nine-volume, ongoing Akame ga KILL! is slated to become a TV anime. Now, TOHO Animation has posted a new teaser.




The series follows a fighter from a poverty stricken village who falls in with a group of corrupting fighting assassins after being robbed upon arrival in the Capital. It's also notoriously violent, as Wikipedia chronicles, featuring scenes of beheadings, characters having eyes gouged out, limbs broken and removed, torture, committing suicide by jumping, execution by boiling, characters having their faces sliced off, crucifixion, a pregnant woman being torn apart, and a woman being assaulted by a dog.





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new visual


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