Latest "Kill la Kill" Ending Art Featuring Mako Becomes Latte Art

Art director Koyama also posted his latest art to support the release of the ending theme

Plenty of characters from Kill la Kill have already received the latte art treatment in Japan and Mako is no exception...but this Mako latte art is really cute! I know Mako is always cute, but this time, it's the deformed Mako from the latest ending!


Even the anime's creative officer Hiromi Wakabayashi tweeted that this is too cute and could not drink it.





In fact the single of the ending theme, Shin Sekai Koukyokyoku By Sayonara Ponytail was just released on March 6th in Japan. The cover illustration is done by Shigeto Koyama.




Koyama also posted this new piece of art to support the release of the single on his Tumblr.



image via KLK official Twitter


In the mean time, Ryuko is featured on the cover of MdN magazine for graphic design with Koyama's interview, who is an art director for the anime. The April issue focused on the use of typography in the show.

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