Report: Japanese Publisher Cracks Down on "Naruto" Spoiler Site

Naruto Channel gets request to remove content and shut down

While some folks might react to them like you just committed murder, spoilers aren't actually against the law. Running a spoiler-posting site like Naruto Channel can, however, land you on the receiving end of a shut-down request from a Japanese publisher. 


According to a report on Japanese site IT Media, the publisher in question asked Naruto Channel to delete their articles and shut down the site. Whether the report is fully accurate or not is unclear, but IT Media says "decisive action" is being taken against online spoilers that damage the industry. 


As a result, Naruto Channel deleted all plot points and character reveals before stating they would be ceasing similar coverage for Naruto and One Piece, both of which are published by Shueisha. 


Via Kotaku



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