“Kantai Collection” Kongo Sisters Costumes Coming Soon

On sale in May

Anime merchandise and apparel manufacturer Cospa will be releasing costume sets under their Cospatio high-quality cosplay brand name based on “Kantai Collection” characters Kongo, Hiei, Haruna, and Kirishima, also known as the “Kongo-class sisters”.


Kantai Collection Kongo 艦これ金剛 


“Kantai Collection”, abbreviated as “KanColle”, is a free-to-play browser-based social card game where “kanmusu”, moe characters based on World War II Japanese naval warships, do battle. A TV anime adaptation of the popular game will be released this year.


The costume sets, based on battleship characters Kongo, Hiei, Haruna, and Kirishima, also known as the “Kongo-class sisters” by Japanese fans due to their ship classification and similarity, follow last year’s release of a costume based on destroyer Shimakaze. Much like the previous release, the upcoming costumes are modeled by famous cosplayer and tarot enthusiast Nagisa.


The upcoming costume releases include a Kongo-class coat set (43,000 yen, plus tax), Kongo skirt (17,000 yen, plus tax), Haruna skirt (17,000 yen, plus tax), Kongo-class hair ornaments (6,800 yen, plus tax), and Kongo-class 3-centimeter brass buttons (1,600 yen, plus tax).


The costumes will be released in late May.


Kantai Collection Kongo 艦これ金剛 

The costume model is famous cosplayer and tarot enthusiast Nagisa.

Kantai Collection 艦これ 

Last year’s Shimakaze costume set.

Kantai Collection Kongo 艦これ金剛 

Kongo-class hair ornaments

Kantai Collection Kongo 艦これ金剛 

Reverse view

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Kantai Collection Kongo-Class Costumes
Kantai Collection



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