"Evangelion" Home Town Offers Themed License Plates

In anime, "Tokyo-3" sits on the location of Kanagawa Prefecture's town of Hakone

In Evangelion, "Tokyo-3" sits on the location of Kanagawa Prefecture's town of Hakone. This has been embraced as a tourism opportunity. Maps have shown otaku pilgrimages the locations for sites from the anime. A special Eva-ya souvenir shop has opened, tying into the local hot spring traffic.


And now, they're issuing special Eva license plates with the prefecture offering themed replacement plates for motorized bicycles and microcars. Available in four colors, the plates feature Unit 01 standing in front of Hakone landmarks such as Mt. Fuji, Mount Futagoyama, the “torii” gate of Hakone Shrine, and Lake Ashinoko.


Starting on March 25th, residents can apply at the local Taxation Business Section for one of the local government's 390 Eva plates (there are 769 registered vehicles fitting the criteria in the city).


Town officials have said that they hope that the plates foster continued Eva tourism.

Standard moped/mini car plates



via  Asahi Shimbun 

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