New "Hayate the Combat Butler" OVAs Bundled with Manga Tankobon

Based on never-animated episodes

The wraparound jacket band of the 40th tankobon volume of Kenjiro Hata's Hayate the Combat Butler manga, which was released in Japan yesterday on March 18, announced the limited edition of the next three volumes will be bundled with newly-produced OVA episodes. This is the second project for the 10th anniversary of the manga. The three episodes will be based on the manga's never-animated popular stories. The franchise has had four TV series (2007-2008, 2009, 2012, 2013), one OVA (2009), and one feature film HEAVEN IS A PLACE ON EARTH (2011). The next/41st volume is scheduled to be published on June 18 and its OVA episode will feature Nagi Sanzenin and Hinagiku Katsura. Can you guess which episode will be? 


The cover of the 40th volume


via: Comic Natalie, Web Sunday



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