"PreCure ED Movie Collection" Tops Weekly Anime Blu-ray Sales Ranking

The disc contains 10 full-CG PreCure ED animations

According to Oricon, "PreCure Ending Movie Collection ~Minna de Dance!~," which was released in Japan on March 12, was the top-selling anime Blu-ray of the week of March 10-16. It also ranked on a very good second place in the general ranking only after Keisuke Kuwata's solo concert (he is the leader of the nationally popular band Southern All Stars). It sold 5,815 units in its first week, and it was 94 units more than the previous top selling PreCure Blu-ray, PreCure All Stars DX3, released in July 2011. The DVD sold 2,868 units and ranked on a 8th in the general ranking.


"PreCure Ending Movie Collection" contains all of the 10 full-CG ED animations from the five recent PreCure TV anime sreies: the 6th Fresh PreCure! (2009-2010), the 7th Heartcatch PreCure! (2010-2011), the 8th Suite PreCure♪ (2011-2012), the 9th Smile PreCure! (2012-2013), and the 10th Dokidoki! PreCure! (2013-2014). The Blu-ray discs of the Fresh and Heartcatch TV series have not been

released yet in Japan, that's probably one of the reasons for its good sales. The next PreCure Blu-ray disc

Dokidoki! PreCure the Movie is just released today on March 19. Let's see how good it can do.


"PreCure Ending Movie Collection ~Minna de Dance!~" jacket illustration


Fresh PreCure!

Heartcatch PreCure!

Suit PreCure♪

Smile PreCure!

Dokidoki PreCure!

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