A Penultimate Dose of "Kill La Kill" Hype Sketches

Excitement builds to series' conclusion

 Are you ready for the penultimate dose of Kill La Kill hype? Animator Kengo Saito was still reeling from episode 22 and had to do a couple of pieces based on installment before welcoming this week's episode 23 with a bit of MakoIra shouting. 



First, a couple of preview pics from the series' official Twitter feed...



Now Kengo Saito's...




from animator Hisaaki Okui (episode 4)


... and some awesomeness passed along by character designer Sushio





Nonon Jakuzure voice actress Mayumi Shintani was also retweeting sketches..






From Tomodachi Magnet manga artist Mago


and some assorted other fun...

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