Nitro+Chiral Game "DRAMAtical Murder" Gets Anime

Official sites launched

The Nitro+Chiral official site has announced that their popular BL game title, DRAMAtical Murder will have an anime adaptation in the Summer of this year and both the anime's official site and Twitter account have been launched at the same time. NAZ, the animation house created with the staff who worked on the DEVIL SURVIVOR 2 THE ANIMATION anime and are currently producing Hamatora will be the studio handling production along with Yukiko Ban for the anime's character designs.


The anime's first trailer has also been posted on the official site. If it didn't work, try here (link via AniMeni).


Aoba is voiced by Atsushi Sakiichi



Koujaku is voiced by Hiroki Takahashi



Noiz is voiced by Satoshi Hino



Mink is voiced by Kenichiro Matsuda



Clear is voiced by Masatomo Nakazawa



Ren is voiced by Ryota Takeuchi








Original Concept: Nitro+CHiRAL
Director: Kazuya Miura
Story Editor: Touko Machida × Kabura Fuchii (Nitro+)
Original Character Design: Honyarara (Nitro+)
Anime Character Design: Yukiko Ban
Music: Yuuki Hayashi
Animation Production: NAZ


Togainu No Chi may come to mind when it comes to anime adaptations from Nitro+Chiral titles and many fan reactions on the internet are hoping that NAZ will do justice and not produce legendary screen cap comparison images to the game, which the previous anime was known for, as the not-so-pleasing artwork was frequently spotted in the show and made for additional entertainment during its broadcast.

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