VIDEO: Watch A Clever Stealth Ad With An Unexpected Ending

The video is actually a clever promo for a Japanese automotive tire importer

Live broadcasting on Nico Nico Douga is one of the more popular sources of entertainment in modern day Japan and this internet promotion effectively created a mock web show with a shocking ending. It features a cute Japanese girl as Namanushi, which means "host of the live show" in Japanese and she talks about getting a new bikini.


The title of the video is "During the live broadcast....BAN all of a sudden". BAN in this case literally means banning the show on Nico Live and it usually implies something inappropriate happened during the show when this word is used for the videos uploaded.


Namanushi shows off the new bikini she bought and the audience of the live broadcast dares Namanushi to change into it from the streaming comments on the screen. She finally gives in and goes away to change. When the inappropriate expectation peaks as the girl's silhouette moves behind the smoked glass, something unexpected happens. Watch it for yourself!






The video is actually stealth promotion for an import tire dealer called Autoway Loop in Japan. Using the word pun of BAN and BANG, the caption reads as "the old tire can burst unexpectedly which could lead to an accident. Let's change it to a new one!" at the end and the girl says "Change, change!"



The Namanushi girl has a made up name and it is Narumi Ban. The above illustration shows the anime-version of the girl saying "Don't make me ask you to share it!" in true tsundere fashion and her profile details. Her nickname is Ban-chan, birthday on April 8th, 1995, Aries and an O blood type. Ban-chan likes donuts and does not enjoy walking. Guess you have to drive her around in new tires.




CAUTION!! The below video contains scenes that may be too scary for some audiences. Proceed with caution and do not watch the video if you have heart issues or do not like horror videos.

 In fact, the Ban-chan video is Autoway Loop's second internet video promotion and the first one, posted last November is posted above. The video is titled "Snowy road is scary" and it literally has a scary ending.


Source: Kai-you

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