"Kill La Kill," "Witch Craft Works" and a Whole Lot of "Yuyushiki" Official Twitter Icons

327 Yuyushiki icons in honor of general release of drama CD

Good news anitwitter folks. Witch Craft Works posted a set of SD Twitter icons. Kill La Kill found a reason to post a new set of four. And, in honor of the 3/27 general release of the Yuyushiki "If you want to be happy, be" drama CD, the series site got up to 327 icons. 


in honor of 10,000 @Witch_CW_anime followers...

at http://witch-cw-anime.jp/topic.html




In honor of a Nico Live Broadcast leading into finale


Check out earlier ones here.


Grab the individual Yuyushiki icons at http://www.yuyushiki.net/news/hp0001/index00540000.html


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