Hulu Streams "Zatoichi" Chambara Movies

25 movies from influential series now online

Shintaro Katsu portrays the legendary Zatoichi, a blind masseur who lives by the yakuza code and answers his foes with a deadly cane sword. He is Japan's ultimate antihero and champion of the common man. If you've been watching One Piece, you might recognize him as the inspiration for Issho. All 25 movies in the long running series are now streaming on Hulu. 


The rights to "The Outlaw (1967)" plus the seven Zatoichi titles produced after 1970 are not available to Hulu at this time.


Check out the library at



Criterion released a collection of the movies in a Blu-ray/DVD box set last November. Comic arts including Samuel Hiti, Greg Ruth, Paul Pope, Scott Morse, Josh Cochran, Evan Bryce, Ricardo Venâncio, Robert Goodin, Yuko Shimizu, Jorge Coelho, Vera Brosgol, Matt Kindt, Connor Willumsen, Patrick Leger, Jim Rugg, Jhomar Soriano, Angie Wang, Ming Doyle, Caitlin Kuhwald, Benjamin Marra, Bill Sienkiewicz, Andrew MacLean, Polly Guo, Barnaby Ward and Victor Kerlow provided impressive original art work.




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