"One Piece Unlimited World: Red" Adds New Content on Consoles, Vita

3DS action game makes its way to Wii U, PlayStation 3, and PS Vita

One Piece Unlimited World: Red made its debut on Nintendo 3DS in Japan, and its next stop is Wii U, PlayStation 3, and PS Vita. More than just a straight port, the console/Vita version of the action game is set to add some new content, including the Dressrosa arc and a playable Trafalgar Law. 


Bandai Namco made the announcement in Jump magazine, adding that Doflamingo will be a boss inside the Corrida Colosseum in the Dressrosa arc portion. This is also where players will be able to choose Trafalgar Law as a playable character. In addition to the new content, anyone who picks up a first-run copy will receive a download code for a bonus costume and quest. 


The new version of One Piece Unlimited World: Red hits Japan on June 12 and, as announced earlier this month, will make its way to the west this year.


Via Siliconera



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